Slurry preparation-on-line detection-injection system combined movable device



The invention discloses a slurry preparation-on-line detection-injection system combined movable device. The device comprises a variable-frequency motor, a slurry stirring case, stirring blades, a supersonic wave concentration sensor, a viscosity sensor, a slurry barrel, an injection piston and an injection oil cylinder. Through the injection oil cylinder, output pressure, output accumulative amount and output instantaneous flow of slurry in the slurry barrel are controlled. Compared with the existing device, the device provided by the invention realizes slurry preparation, on-line detection and injection, can be used for indoor and on-site slurry preparation, on-line detection and injection tests, realizes a test on parameters such as a stirring speed, injection pressure and flow, guarantees good cutting ability of machinery such as a shield machine and good fluidity of soil, realizes automatic monitoring and recording of parameters of slurry preparation, on-site detection and injection, realizes data memory in a network platform by computer uploading, has a small volume, can be integrally arranged on a dolly, is convenient for movement and can be freely used in a room and on site.




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