Sintering furnace


  • Inventors: LI CHANGJIU
  • Assignees: 海南大学
  • Publication Date: September 16, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104913637-A


The invention discloses a sintering furnace. The sintering furnace comprises a furnace body (3) and a heat preservation layer (4) arranged on the inner wall of the furnace body (3), the interior of the furnace body (3) is divided into a furnace chamber (10) and an energy transduction part (6) through a heat preservation body, a heating device is arranged in the heat preservation layer (4), a base (1) used for placing a sample is arranged in the furnace chamber (10), and a heat function device (5) is arranged in the energy transduction part (6), can enter or leave the furnace chamber (10) and comprises a phase change heat storage device (53) capable of storing energy through phase change heat storage and a heat-electricity conversion device (52) capable of recovering waste heat. The sintering furnace effectively solves the problem that energy of the sintering furnace cannot be used and recovered fully to cause waste.




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