Preparation method of canned asparagus spear



The invention discloses a preparation method of canned asparagus spear. According to the preparation method, fresh asparagus spear is taken as a main raw material. The preparation method comprises following steps: raw material selection; grading and cleaning; peeling and cutting into chunks; precooking and cooling, wherein boiled water with a pH value of 5.2+/-0.4 is used for precooking of cut fresh asparagus spear, and then the fresh asparagus spear is rapidly delivered into flowing cold water for cooling; sorting and cleaning; metal detection; weighing and canning; adding of a liquid, wherein the temperature of the prepared liquid is maintained to be higher than 80 DEG C; vacuum sealing; and sterilization and cooling. Beneficial effects are that: self life is long; preserving effect is excellent; the canned asparagus spear is convenient to carry; the color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional value of asparagus spear are maintained; economic value of asparagus spear is increased; storage and transportation problems of asparagus spear are solved; and demands of people of different areas on asparagus spear all the year round are satisfied.




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