Color-changing-in-water transfer paper, color-changing-in-water rain shoes and production processes of two


  • Inventors: ZHANG XIAOMEI
  • Assignees: 张小梅
  • Publication Date: August 12, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104827793-A


The invention discloses color-changing-in-water transfer paper and a production process thereof. The color-changing-in-water transfer paper comprises a transfer paper bottom membrane, wherein the transfer paper bottom membrane is sequentially provided with a color-changing pulp layer, a transfer ink layer, a tensile elastic adhesive layer and a rubber transfer release-type adhesive layer; the color-changing pulp layer forms one or more patterns on the transfer paper bottom membrane; the rubber transfer release-type adhesive layer and the transfer paper bottom membrane are identical in size. A production process of color-changing-in-water rain shoes is also disclosed by the invention. The color-changing-in-water transfer paper is combined with a plane rubber sheet, and the plane rubber sheet with the color-changing-in-water patterns is made into the rain shoes, so that the rain shoes can present different patterns or different colors after and before encountering water, and become interesting.




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