Wire reel tightening device used in production process of transformer



The invention relates to a wire reel tightening device used in the production process of a transformer. The wire reel tightening device comprises a plurality of wire reel tightening units on a rack, wherein the rack is a cuboid framework, and the wire reel tightening units are uniformly distributed at the top and the bottom of the cuboid framework in the long shaft direction of the rack in one-to-one vertical correspondence; each wire reel tightening unit comprises a clamping disc A and a clamping disc B which are matched with each other and respectively supported on the two sides of the long shaft direction of the rack, the clamping disc A can be adjusted by an adjusting rod and is driven to approach or depart from the clamping disc B, and accordingly, a wire reel is axially clamped and supported on a polished rod A and a polished rod B; a clasping mechanism is further arranged on the clamping disc B. The wire reel tightening device has the advantages that the wire reel tightening device ensures coil winding tightness, improves tightening effect and ensures that the coil size meets diagram requirements, and meanwhile, further saves materials, reduces the production cost and reduces transformer load losses.




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