FPGA Soc parallel processing-based distributed large-data volume video processing system and method

基于FPGA Soc并行处理的分布式大数据量视频处理系统和方法


本发明涉及视频处理领域,公开了一种基于FPGA Soc并行处理的分布式大数据量视频处理系统和方法,该系统包括:计算机单板和FPGA单板,所述计算机单板对输入流进行初步梳理,分发给对应的FPGA单板;所述FPGA单板进行视频处理,完成后,将结果返给到所述计算机单板;所述计算机单板对其进行处理并发送给应用程序。本发明采用并联FPGA单板处理分布式大数据量视频,与计算机单板配合使用,这种方式不仅可靠性高、成本低,而且处理速度快,形成的设备体积小,能够极大的降低成本消耗,具有市场竞争力和利润空间。
The invention relates to the field of video processing and discloses FPGA Soc parallel processing-based distributed large data volume video processing system and method. The system comprises a computer single board and FPGA single boards, wherein the computer single board preliminarily combs the input streams and distributing to corresponding FPGA single boards; the FPGA single boards are used for video processing and returning the results back to the computer single boards; the computer single board processes the results and sends to an application program. According to the FPGA Soc parallel processing-based distributed large data volume video processing system and method, the FPGA single boards which are connected in parallel are adopted to process the distributed large-data volume videos and matched with the computer single board; the manner is high in reliability, low in cost and high in processing speed; the formed equipment is small in size, so that the cost consumption can be greatly reduced, and market competitiveness and profit margin are high.




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