Screen capturing method and device



The invention discloses a screen capturing method and device. The screen capturing method and device are used for extracting partial content in lesson preparation materials, performing screen capturing and editing the content at will or rapidly transmitting the content to students in teaching, so that teaching is facilitated. The method includes the steps that a screen capturing instruction is received, and according to a preset screen capturing rule, the size and position information of a screen capturing area is acquired; a screen capturing picture corresponding to the screen capturing area is acquired; the screen capturing picture is displayed in a teaching application program which is running. According to the scheme, screen capturing is performed, the picture acquired after screen capturing is directly displayed in the teaching application program which is running, and therefore a teacher can extract the partial content in the lesson preparation materials at any time, perform screen capturing and edit the content at will or rapidly transmit the content to the students in teaching, and teaching is greatly facilitated. The screen capturing mode is simple and fast, easy and convenient to implement.




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