Dismountable modular framework structure



The invention discloses a dismountable modular framework structure, and relates to assembled frameworks. The dismountable modular framework structure comprises a base, four vertical beams and eight cross beams, wherein the base fixes a cuboid framework comprising the four vertical beams and the eight cross beams; the vertical beams and the cross beams are fixedly connected with each other through connecting pieces and bolts; the main body of each connecting piece is in an L shape; a vertical extending part is arranged at the inner edge of one side of the connecting piece; right angles formed by two sides of the top ends of the extending parts are fixedly connected with each other through angle plates; more than two bolt holes are formed in the two sides of the main body of the connecting piece; at least two groups of bearing beams are arranged between front and rear adjacent vertical beams; more than two connecting beams are arranged between front and rear adjacent bearing beams. The dismountable modular framework structure is flexible in structure, convenient to assemble and disassemble, environment-friendly and safe, simple in framework structure fixing mode, convenient, pollution-free and high in assembly efficiency, greatly enhances the practicability, is more flexible and convenient to use, and can be conveniently removed or transported.




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