Handheld type highway asphalt pavement thickness and temperature measurement device



The invention relates to the field of highway asphalt pavement construction quality control and provides a handheld type automatic measurement device having integrated function of temperature measurement, thickness measurement and GPS (Global Positioning System) location for realizing information digitization management in a construction process and improving the construction quality of the asphalt pavement. The adopted technical scheme is as follows: a handheld type highway asphalt pavement thickness and temperature measurement device comprises a handheld device, a temperature and thickness acquisition module, an integration controller module, and a personal digital assistant or handheld computer PDA (personal digital assistant) module, wherein the handheld device is composed of a shell, a movable handle, a torque hub and a zero adjusting device, and a temperature sensor probe and a displacement sensor stay cord are fixed on the movable handle. The handheld type highway asphalt pavement thickness and temperature measurement device can be mainly applied to the highway asphalt pavement construction quality control.
本发明涉及公路沥青路面施工质量控制领域,为提供集温度测量、厚度测量和GPS定位于一体的手持式自动测量装置,用以实现施工过程信息的数字化管理、提高沥青路面施工质量。为此,本发明采取的技术方案是,手持式公路路面沥青摊铺测厚测温装置,包括手持装置、温度和厚度采集模块、集成控制器模块、个人数码助理或掌上电脑PDA(Personal Digital Assistant)模块;手持装置由外壳、活动手柄、扭力轮毂和调零装置构成,活动手柄上固定有温度传感器探头和位移传感器拉绳。本发明主要应用于公路沥青路面施工质量控制。




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