Food packaging device using hydraulic device and application method of food packaging device


  • Inventors: SHU LIYAN
  • Assignees: 舒丽燕
  • Publication Date: June 10, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-104691836-A


The invention relates to a food packaging device using a hydraulic device and an application method of the food packaging device. The device comprises a film supply assembly and a film wrapping executing assembly (5), wherein the film supply assembly is used for supplying a film (6) to the film wrapping executing assembly (5), the film wrapping executing assembly (5) is used for wrapping the film (6) on food, and the film (6) is a soft film material; the film supply assembly comprises a first drawing-off roller (3) and a second drawing-off roller (4), and the first drawing-off roller (3) and the second drawing-off roller (4) are oppositely arranged and used for drawing off the film (6) towards the film wrapping executing assembly (5).




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