Extracurricular expansion type Chinese language teaching tool



The invention discloses an extracurricular expansion type Chinese language teaching tool which comprises a shell, a touch display screen, a card reader, various indicating lamps, a sound pick-up device, a player, a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface and a control circuit mounted in the shell. The control circuit is formed by a microprocessor, a storage, a sound card and a WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) module. When teachers and students use the extracurricular expansion type Chinese language teaching tool, a conventional teaching mode can be changed, courseware of the teachers is directly read by the touch display screen, the students select various obligatory/elective courses to carry out self-directed learning and in the learning process, the students carry out voice communication with the teachers at any time or carry out online interaction with the teachers. In the learning process, when the students do not understand contents or contents need to be further expanded, the students can immediately surf the internet to search various data so as to assist in learning, and thus, self-directed learning enthusiasm and interest of the students are greatly excited and the students can more deeply know knowledge.




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