Vehicle-mounted mobile crusher



The invention relates to a vehicle-mounted mobile crusher. The vehicle-mounted mobile crusher comprises a heavy-duty lorry (1), wherein a crusher (2) is arranged on the compartment of the heavy-duty lorry (1); the upper part of the crusher (2) is provided with a feeding hole (21); the side of the crusher (2) is provided with a discharge hole (22); a feeding conveyor (3) communicated with the feeding hole (21) is arranged on the heavy-duty lorry (1); and the tail of the compartment of the heavy-duty lorry (1) is provided with a discharge conveyor (3) communicated with the discharge hole (22). According to the vehicle-mounted mobile crusher, a crane does not need to be additionally leased, thus the cost is saved, the occupied area is small, the automation degree is high, the reaction is quick and the vehicle-mounted mobile crusher can operate at any time in any place.




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